Are you joining us in Sestriere this December for ISSC? Then now is the right time to ensure that your students know what they need to pack, so that they have time to source anything they don’t already have.

To help, we’ve created this handy checklist, which you can download for free to share with your students.

What to pack for ISSC checklist poster


These are the things you really can’t leave home without!

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have your passport and GHIC (or EHIC if yours is still valid).

It’s also really important to remember to pack any medication you may require (further information on travelling with medication can be found here).

You’ll also want to ensure you have a plug adaptor for any electrical devices you’re bringing with you, such as mobile phone chargers.

A day bag or rucksack is also essential. In here you’ll be able to carry a bottle of water, sunscreen and lip balm, which are all important when out on the slopes.


When it comes to clothing, you want to ensure that you have plenty of warm layers and that the outer layer is waterproof.

So, we would recommend packing thermal tops and thermal underwear and tube socks. For the outer layer you’ll need salopettes ideally, as well as a ski jacket, waterproof gloves, a warm hat and a scarf or buff. You’ll also need snow boots or waterproof walking boots with a very good grip.

Italy requires under-18s to wear helmets when skiing but please note that these must be without cameras or mounts.

You’ll also need to pack some clothes for around the resort. Again, layers are important, so you’ll need underwear (including normal socks), t-shirts, a jumper, trousers, a fleece and a warm, waterproof coat.

If swimming is available in your hotel or resort, make sure you pack that swimming costume too.

And, finally, don’t forget ski goggles and sunglasses to protect your eyes!


We’d recommend that you pack your toiletries in a wash kit that you can carry with you to and from the bathroom – if you are sharing a room, it just makes things a bit easier when you’re getting ready for a day on the slopes. We’d also recommend that you pack a towel.

You will also need to take a reusable water bottle which you can refill and take with you out on the slopes.

Sunscreen is essential – just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t burn. In fact, the sun’s rays are reflected by the white snow and sunburn can be a real issue for skiers. We’d also recommend packing lip balm – the harsh conditions can play havoc with your lips and they can soon become very uncomfortable!

Moisturiser is important too as the cold can really dry out your skin.

You may also like to pack a notebook and pen, to make a note of any important information given by teachers or ski instructors.


If you have them, you may wish to bring your racing catsuit and sub jacket.

You may also wish to bring your mobile phone and a camera – if you do, remember to bring the relevant chargers and plug adaptors, as well as any memory cards you may need.

Other useful things

And if you have room after all that, there are a couple of other useful things that you might like to pack (although these can also be picked up fairly cheaply in the shops in the resort). Things like plastic bags, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitiser and a notebook and pen will all come in handy.

We hope that this helps and we can’t wait to see you in Sestriere in a few short weeks!