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We were originally founded in 1986 by Keith Sharkey, a former French teacher. A passionate skier himself, Keith ran many school ski trips during his teaching career.

With his own experiences in mind, Keith decided to establish a school tour operator that would provide better support for teachers who wanted to take their students abroad, in the hope that by doing so, more would be able to offer such opportunities to young people.

And so, Halsbury Ski was born.

Who are Halsbury Ski - Keith and Sue

What will we bring to the ISSC?

At the heart of Halsbury Ski is the belief that school travel abroad, and skiing in particular, offers enormous benefits to young people. And the opportunity that the ISSC offers to inspire young minds is something that we’re very excited about.

We’ve been arranging school ski trips for nearly years, so we know what works for school ski groups. And with a number of former teachers among us, we also have a deep understanding of the pressures on you as party leader and know how we can help to alleviate these. Most importantly, we understand the need for flexibility, as no two groups are ever the same.

And we’ll use all our experience to continue to develop the event to ensure that it provides the very best opportunities for young skiers to experience the excitement of racing and competition.

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Great connections

Because we’ve been arranging school ski trips for over 35 years, we’ve had time to nurture good, longstanding relationships with suppliers, allowing us access to better rates and meaning we’re well placed to quickly deal with any issues that arise.

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24/7 support from within the resort and from UK HQ

We were originally created by a former teacher specifically to provide better support for teachers who wanted to take their students skiing.

So, of course, as well as our experienced in-resort team who will be pleased to provide you with any assistance you may require, we will also provide you with a list of emergency contacts providing 24/7 support from our UK office should you need it.

We hope this has given you a better idea of who we are and what we bring to the ISSC. For any further information you require, please don’t hesitate to contact us.